Monday, May 14, 2012

Sequined Blouse.

 *Outfit* Blouse: Black Tie by Oleg Cassini (Thrift), Jeans:H&M, Heels: Mossimo, Bag: Dooney&Bourke(Thrift)

 Yesterday's Breakfast and Lunch. I had some Quail eggs for breakfast, first time. They taste just like normal egg. They only different thing is the size, they look so cute. For lunch some Korean Tacos. Yummy!!!

 I am so so so in love with this Sequined Blouse, I found it at a thrift store. I can't stop looking at it, gorgeous details must have taken forever to do it. The blouse is by. Oleg Cassini he was a French-born American fashion designer.  He dresses several stars, he used to design for the First Lady.  "The Jackie Look"

So you NEVER know what you can find in thrift stores. I totally love this blouse, so beautiful!!! I hope you like it guys, let me know what you think.

Best, Emma


  1. Really nice blouse! I would wear it! And I also LOVE that bag!


  2. Wauw, i love the details on the shirt! Super gerlie and exclusive :-) I like your hair style too.

    xoxo Victoria

  3. Love the detail on the blouse :) The lunch looks delicious

  4. You look perfect, I love the details of your blouse.

  5. love the details of the blouse!

  6. Great ensemble,love that your blouse and bag are thrifted!

    Micah x

  7. dying over that beautiful blouse of yours, you have such great taste!

  8. this looks so delicious! your blouse is really beautiful.


  9. Love that shirt and your style. you have an eye. cool u! ;)


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