Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't Forget Colors.

"Outfit" Top: HangTen,  Shorts: American Eagle (Thrift),  Clogs: Xhilaration, Bag: Thrift Store 

Hiii, excited for this new top that I'm wearing. I posted it a couple weeks ago along with some other things that I got. Very cute, awesome for warm days like today. I looked through my blog, and I noticed that lately I've been wearing lots of neutral colors, can't forget colors!! 

I was pretty bored yesterday, I went out to tan but it was too hot and I had to get in. Found mom's cooking books and decided to make some brownies. I love brownies, so yummy!!! But to be honest mine didn't turn out that good, the recipe I followed was from some healthy cooking book, called Cook Yourself Thin Faster...yeah never again. Lol, I like real sugary fudgy brownies!!! Oh yeah did my nails too, kinda cool but the lines aren't really that straight...^^


Saturday, June 25, 2011

L.A Street Style.

 Source: Refinery29

 Source: HiStyley

Hi guys,  hope you like this...I always get inspired I'm sure you'll get too :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Time.

 "Outfit" Shirt: Glitzy London (Thrift) , Shorts: Levis( Thrift)

Hi guys, happy to be blogging again I missed it. Thx to all for the comments. I got this cute shirt from Sweden. Found it at a thrift store, I really like and its kinda bohemian.

 I really really miss the beach you guys, want to go on a vacation but...not yet so much going on. Gotta start college soon and I don't even know where to go...here in Dallas or L.A??? I'm probably going to study something like Fashion Design...I think, ahhhh not sure...or maybe music. Anyway enough about school it's summer, well summer for me at least...I know for some summer's over sorry^^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On My Mind.

Hi guys, I'll admit didn't feel like blogging much. No fashion today, but enjoy these beautiful photos...

photos: google

Friday, June 10, 2011

New For Summer.

 "Outfit" Jeans: Bik Bok, Top: Ellos (Sweden), Shoes: Dirty Laundry

Hi everyone. Thank U All For The Lovely Comments!!! Means a lot <333. I went to Kohl's today to see if they had any cute bikinis, but didn't find anything that I liked. Instead I came home with these cute tops. Great for summer, cute summer colors. Well not the grey one haha. I went to some friends to hangout and it was pretty late so I didn't feel like dressing up much.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flowers For You.

 *Outfit* Shorts: Lei, Top: Karen Scott, Clogs: Xhilaration,  Bag:Vintage

Hi guys, hope all of you are having a great weekend. Who's watching MTV Movie Awards??? I am, it's tomorrow and I can't wait. Got these cute shorts at Walmart I've never ever gotten clothes from there before, guess I was always thinking about the quality but these were just to adorable to ignore :)