Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emanuel Ungaro S2012 RTW ( H&M GIVEAWAY)

This is a beautiful collection, I love all the dresses!!! Gorgeous prints, the ruffles look amazing on the jackets and skirts. The slim gold belt looks so pretty with the different colors and prints.  Lovely collection :)

Time for some fun, it is Giveaway time!!! I've been thinking and thinking what to do and I've decided that the best thing would be a $25 gift card, I don't wanna buy anything myself, we all have different taste right!!! So I'll let you do the shopping. ;) OK, and you will have the chance to pick. Either H&M or Forever21. The reason why I choose two different ones is because some countries don't have Forever21, I think most have H&M, anywaaay...let's start :)

1. Follow Fromcitytocity, GF!!!

2. Leave comment with email and let me know, what would you like to see next on fromcitytocity. What do you expect???

It's that easy :), but...for a second chance to win:

3. Blog about the Giveaway on your blog, or tweet ( link) and let me know.

 Good Luck guys, starts today October 30 and will go on til November 15 . Oh and anyone can join!!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#2 Topshop, Your Favorite Look?




Hiii everyone! I put together some Topshop looks, again. Let me know which one is your favorite!!!  Pretty busy right now, sorry If I haven't answers to your comments but I promise I will guys!!! 

Top favorite last time was no.2. Gotta say really like this look too. Talk later, have a great day!!! :) 
Btw, check out the last looks if you haven't seen them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Dose Of Inspiration.

 Images via: Google

Hi pretty people,  I'm happy that you guys liked the blazer, blazers^^.  Monday tomorrow!!! I think all of us are in need of some inspiration. Beautiful photos, hope you like!!! I know it's Sunday but, Happy Monday and have a great week guys :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blazer, Blazers.

" Outfit" Blazer: Valerie Stevens, Shorts: Levi's, Tights: H&M, Purse: Vintage, Boots: Thrift

OK, ah love this new blazer. I totally forgot to tell you guys how I got the Dior blazer, well and this one the neighborhood we use to live in had this big garage sale day. Me and my parents went around looking for some vintage furniture, paintings basically cute things to decorate the new apartment...a neighbor of ours was selling all her clothes. She had so many amazing things like the Dior blazer, saw it and took it. Annnd I paid 1 Dollar for it :O It's insane!!! She notice I went all nuts about the clothes, so she brings out even more lol, so sweet of her^^. I bought bunch of stuff and each for just a dollar, how awesome is that!!!

 I think I mention this before, but I am planning a Giveaway, yay!!! ;)
Thx for the sweet comments guys....<3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Rad Dior.

"Outfit" Blazer: Christian Dior,  Jeggings: Gina Tricot,  Blouse: Thrift, Heels: Candie's

Hello ladies!  I love love this blazer, so classy and the color is gorgeous!!! I got it at a garage sale, I paid one dollar for it, yes 1!!! To be honest I don't have much to say lol, feeling tired...still sick. Aren't the photos cool!? Hope you all are good, have a great day guys :)