Monday, May 30, 2011

Accept The Lovely Colors.

Hi lovelies,  colorful summer colorful outfits!!! I think it super fun to dress up for summer, splash of colors, bright bags and jewelery. Don't be afraid to combine different colors, but remember to keep it classy don't over do it!!!  If you rather prefer darker colors that's fine, it's all up to you but consider a colorful scarf or pick some funky heels, wear crazy sunnies!!! Shop for several shades of blue,pink, neon lemon, red, yellow. Remember thou you can find many different things in colors not just clothes. Lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish, a cute belt or hat. Go for it girls, colors!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Suits Me.

 Bodysuit: Ellos,  Jeans: GinaTricot,  Shoes: (Ross),  Bag: Vintage

 Hi guys. I went to X Factor auditions yesterday, waited for about 16 hours and unfortunately I didn't make it through. Next time. Here's a cute casual look, bodysuits are so awesome! They are so easy and fun to wear.

Here is a foundation I got. Studio Sculpt NC25, beside that I got a primer Prep-Prime oil free Spf 50 really like it, helps to keep my makeup on longer. I was a bit worried that the foundation might feel heavy, but it doesn't and I live in Texas so it's pretty hot and humid here. Oh forgot, got some cute jewelry, a bracelet and it say's joy, love, hope, happy. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rihanna Style.


Hi guys, how's your weekend going??? Gorgeous day, just got home from church and now I'm sitting here blogging with a nice cold cup of tea.

There's are a lot of celebrities with great style, some more classy some more rock n roll others like wearing meat. Remember who lol, yes Lady Gaga. My top fav gal right now is Rihanna. Awesome style fun and sexy, classy chic. She always looks great, I guess sometimes maybe a bit too much going on...I wouldn't mix and match everything the exact same way but...she's Rihanna.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Run The World.

Hi girls, awesome new music video from Beyonce. Amazing fashion, crazy and fierce just likr B. Hope you like this Blamain, Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci inspiration from Run The World.

Balmain S2011 RTW

Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Home.

Shorts: American Eagle (Thrift)  Top: BikBok,  Vest: A.Gaci

Hi guys, hope you had a great weekend. Got back home yesterday. I spent the my weekend over at my bff's place. Had fun, ate delicious foods, laugh all day n night. I left on Saturday, but before meeting my bff I helped a friend to sell some of her pretty jewelry at a outdoor market thing, dunno what to call it haha. 

Went to In N Out to eat, so so so so I can go on forever...So so so so GOOD. Went to the mall tried on this sexy Jack Sparrow wig like you guys can see...haha. Went to the movies, watched Rio had the little one with us so we knew she would like it. Little one, my bff's kid. Talking about her, omg you guys she's a true Fashionista. All into it and she's 3!!! I uploaded some pics of her pretty colorful, striped, polka dot outfit haha. Enjoy guys :)

Young fashionista... 

 so good da-da so good...

As soon as I woke up Sunday morning, Lili wanted to play tea time...