Sunday, October 28, 2012


 *Outfit* Knit: Old Navy, Shirt:Thrift, Jeans:H&M, Boots:Thrift. 

Im alive, it feels like it has been forever!!! This is NOT an excuse, internet has been very super slow. Verizon keeps messing things up with my account, one day it works fine for like an hour and the next day, nothing all day!!! Anyway, now it works. So...I went to 3rd street today. Out to eat with the family, window shopping. Yes, window shopping. I hate it, I don't know why some people think its fun. It is painful, I want to buy all the nice bags and shoes but I can't afford it!!! 

 Im wearing a grey knit that I got back in Dallas. Underneath it, a black button down shirt with these really tiny stripes. And ofc my awesome boots, and some skinny jeans. Thought I would be really hot in this seeing people walking around in shorts and flip-flops...but it wasn't. I love fall, gotta dress up with bunch of layers. Soon I'll be wearing all my jackets!!! BTW, please be honest. Do you like or hate the new header, honest plzzz. 

Best, Emma

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Cozy Sweater.

*Outfit* Sweater: Ann Taylor(Thrift), Boots:Thrift, Leggings: Simply Vera Wang, Necklace: Thrift.

So I took these photos about a week ago before leaving Dallas, I was way too busy packing and totally forgot about them, I thought why not show them now. It was a very rainy week, wearing my awesome boots that people keep asking me where I got them, thrift!!! Don't you love thrift shopping!!! Like I said, rainy cold day... perfect time to wear this cozy sweater. I love LA weather, I can wear all my sweaters and coats. Yay!!! 

Best, Emma

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here In California.

Hey guys, my interent connection is super slow I am staying at a hotel and moving in into the apartment Tuesday. I've been running around like crazy, looking for an apartment and finally found one just yesterday. Close to the beach, lovely area. Getting ready for school, starting Monday. Im a bit stressed out, got bunch of paperwork to finish. I am super happy to be here but like I said, a bit stressful while getting settled. It will take me a while before I get back to blogging daily looks but bear with me :) 

Best, Emma

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Looks.

Hello guys, Im finally in L.A!!! Pretty crazy day, our flight got delayed by 3 long hours and we had to run around the airport from terminal to terminal to catch another flight. I've been sleeping pretty much all day ever since I arrived in L.A, now when it's time to get some sleep I can't sleep. I can't believe I'm in Los Angeles you guys, I've always, always wanted to live here!!! 

Like the photos??? My dear friend Kevin Chung took these lovely pictures, he is a fashion photographer based in Dallas, you guys should definitely check out his site!!! We had four looks in total and I'll show you guys some more photos later.  

Best, Emma