Sunday, October 28, 2012


 *Outfit* Knit: Old Navy, Shirt:Thrift, Jeans:H&M, Boots:Thrift. 

Im alive, it feels like it has been forever!!! This is NOT an excuse, internet has been very super slow. Verizon keeps messing things up with my account, one day it works fine for like an hour and the next day, nothing all day!!! Anyway, now it works. So...I went to 3rd street today. Out to eat with the family, window shopping. Yes, window shopping. I hate it, I don't know why some people think its fun. It is painful, I want to buy all the nice bags and shoes but I can't afford it!!! 

 Im wearing a grey knit that I got back in Dallas. Underneath it, a black button down shirt with these really tiny stripes. And ofc my awesome boots, and some skinny jeans. Thought I would be really hot in this seeing people walking around in shorts and flip-flops...but it wasn't. I love fall, gotta dress up with bunch of layers. Soon I'll be wearing all my jackets!!! BTW, please be honest. Do you like or hate the new header, honest plzzz. 

Best, Emma


  1. I hear you about slow internet connection! It's more primitive than dial up. Welcome back, love! Lovely knitted sweater, too!

    Happy weekend! =)

  2. love your sweater!!! i have something similar in a cropped style...i like this longer one better!!


  3. It's nice too see that you are back, you are really nice, that sweater is amazing, I love it.
    About the new header... I liked the old one best :).

  4. Your sweater is so cute Emma :) xoxo

  5. love this cozy knit sweater on you!! been looking for something just like it.. you are such a striking natural beauty!!!

  6. simple & chic

    love it


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