Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guest Blogger, Every Woman Is Beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Unfortunately, not every woman recognizes her own inner and outer beauty. Sometimes women let outside forces that are beyond their control impact their self-image. These outside forces can take the form of insults or snide comments from other women, seeing unrealistic expectations of beauty on the covers of airbrushed fashion magazines, or an illness that turns everything including self-esteem upside down.

A woman who receives a mesothelioma cancer prognosis has more to worry about than the hottest color lipstick of the season, but ignoring all aspects of fashion and style during an illness is a mistake. If you are facing a difficult situation, paying attention to your beauty routine can help you feel better in your own skin no matter what the circumstances. Don't let your appearance suffer because you have received bad news. Refusing to take care of your hygiene won't make you feel better.

Don't let life's circumstances push you into sweatpants and a ponytail seven days a week. Seeing your reflection in the mirror when you haven't taken care of yourself can make you feel even more discouraged. Taking the time to wash and style your hair, select a nice outfit from your wardrobe, and apply tasteful makeup can make the reflection in the mirror look a lot more pleasing. This is not an exercise in pleasing other people. It is all about pleasing yourself and feeling more cheerful when you look in the mirror.

Of course, it's hard living with a mesothelioma or any other cancer for that matter. No one said it would be easy, but you should still take the time to do things for yourself. You can go out and get a manicure and a pedicure, have a relaxing massage, have a facial, or get a bikini wax. In other words, you should still get out of the house and take time for all those beauty routines and spa treatments that you experienced before your diagnosis. If you have never visited a spa in the past, take the time to visit one now. Let the professionals pamper you and make you feel glamorous. After all, you have always deserved to look your best.

As a woman, you should feel empowered to do things just for yourself. You don't have to spend every moment of every day pleasing other people. There's a reason that shopping is affectionately called "retail therapy." A good trip to the mall can really lighten your mood. Spend some time exploring the shops and buying one great outfit or a few nice pieces that you can distribute throughout your wardrobe for a fresh, new look. If you present yourself well, you will also smile when you catch sight of your reflection in a store window, mirror, or the shiny surface of your toaster. No matter whether you are dining at a five-star restaurant or taking out the trash, looking your best will help you feel better. After all, every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin. 

Every Woman Deserves to Feel Beautiful in Her Own Skin
By: Jackie Clark

Thank you Jackie.
Every woman is beautiful!!!

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