Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Vacay | Cyprus

All photos shot with iPhone 6
Nicosia, Cyprus ( Lidra St.)

Cavo Greco, Cyprus

Kourion, Cyprus

Temple of Apollo, Cyprus 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter etc. lol....sorry guys.  Been a couple months now. Same old story, college is keeping me very busy. Im graduating this fall, yeah! Im in Cyprus right now with my younger brother enjoying a much needed vacay. This island is gorgeous as you can tell by the pics. We've been strolling around parts of Nicosia, been to the beach such as Ayia Napa and Fig Tree Bay. Crystal clear water, golden sand, paradise! Im heading back to LA this Friday because class starts Monday. Two more quarters Emma, two!!!! My brother and I visited Kourion, which is an old Greco-Roman kingdom that was founded in the 14th-12th century B.C. I absolutely loved it, the structures and ruins are beautiful. I felt as if I went back in time. We explored the site for a good hour, there is so much to see. We also visited The Temple of Apollo, which is not too far from Kourion. The columns of the temple are stunning. Overall this trip as been awesome, Cali see yaaa in a few days.

Best, Emma

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