Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Perfect Coat.

*Outfit* Coat: eShakti, Heels: Balpain, Dress: Thrift (Liz Claiborne)

I love this coat, fun to spin in it hehe!!! Dear eShakti was very kind to send me this lovely coat. They have beautiful clothing, from vintage to classy, fun prints and patterns. You guys should definitely check them out, sing up with them and get an awesome $25 off on your first order. The cool thing with eShakti is that you customize clothing your exact size!!! 

I decided to add some red into today's look. A combination of black and red is a total attention getter. I actually can't remember that last time I wore anything red. A very simple look, but less is more. I wanted to say thank you to my lovely friend Christina for taking these awesome photos, thx hun!!! 

Best, Emma


  1. I love black coats!This one looks so gorgeous on you!!


  2. Wow the coat is so pretty. It looks really elegant teamed with the red dress too :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  3. adore this! love your coat i love how it flows out so cute!!

  4. the coat really suits you! great purchase!

  5. red and black is such a classically good pairing. you look lovely ;)

    steph /

  6. Lovely and coat and great hair :) xA

  7. wow you look absolutely beautiful!!!!! love your coat :D

  8. great post
    just found your blog :) and I love it :)
    following u, hope you do the same..kisses :)

  9. amazing photos ! you've got fantastic face ! <3
    great look

  10. oh I need to get some more coats! this is so stylish!


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