Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Story Of Little Black Dress.

They say that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress. It is considered to complete a stylish wardrobe. Fashion observers and many women believe it being a rule,
 “the rule of fashion". I do too ;)

In the 1920’s black was considered as a mourning color, but in 1926 a picture of a simple black dress was shown in American Vogue. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford”. The little black dress became a symbol, symbol of chic and classy simplicity.

 First LBD, Vogue 1926

LBD 1926 

Audrey Hepburn

Shop LBD

Here are some LBD from Nastygal.

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  1. little black dress - a fashion staple in every woman's wardrobe! thank you for sharing the background history :)



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